Genesis of the Daleks and Exploration Earth

BBC Audio adventure, March 8 - April 12, 1975

Genesis of the Daleks is a classic of the series as the Doctor is charged with destroying the Daleks at the time of their creation but he can’t do it. He doesn’t want to become like them and Davros begins his lifetime of learning what the Daleks will do to and for him—the beginning of his insanity! It’s an interesting tale but nothing really stands out as amazing in it other than for a historical perspective on the Daleks.

The Doctor seems to be along for the ride, basically. He doesn’t really alter anything in the long run. Harry and Sarah don’t really do much except in the beginning, where they’re separated and find allies on both sides of the Kaleds and Thals, even amongst the Mutos. Harry never really does progress much as a companion but I don't recall him being in Dr. Who long enough to really make his mark, either. The story progresses nicely, with adventure at each step. But it’s just not as amazing as it should be. I even considered giving this a 3 jelloid rating but decided on a 4 jelloid rating due to its classic nature.

Exploration Earth is a history lesson on the creation of the Earth, with a Megron thrown in to give the Doctor a challenge to overcome. It was actually part of the BBC schools radio series that explored the geography of Earth for kids in schools and was broadcast October 4, 1976. The Megron is all about chaos and wants to keep the Earth in chaos while the Doctor knows what the planet will become. Why these monsters/villains always obsess over the Earth is a mystery to me. Just part of our own obsession, wanting to believe that the Earth is important and/or the center of the universe. Heck, humans didn’t believe that the Earth revolved around the sun until Copernicus and even then, it took a long time to get that belief into science. I like how the Doctor taunts the Megron by just saying “order” and he gets mad.

Sadly, this audio adventure may be slow but it’s almost more interesting than Genesis of the Daleks in style at the very least, and perhaps in storyline and adventure. Despite the fact that the Doctor is describing things and just arguing with the Megron. Sarah is just along for the ride and is there to ask questions, keep the story moving. And the ending? Sigh. A mental karate chop and the Megron is gone!

Genesis of the Daleks

Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, and Ian Marter

writer: Terry Nation

director: David Maloney

Exploration Earth

Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen

writer: Bernard Venables