The Highlanders

BBC Audio adventure, December 17, 1966 - January 7, 1967

At first this tale is a bit of a mess as chaos reigns during the fighting at the Battle of Culloden. But the familiar brogue of Jamie McCrimmon emerges right away and we're off to hear how he first lands in the TARDIS with the Doctor. I really like this episode generally though it does suffer a bit from too-many-characteritus on audio. it's a bit hard to follow at times because I'm just not sure who is who is who! But as it comes right after The Power of the Daleks, the first adventure for Patrick Troughton as the Doctor, it's definitely a good progression for him as the Doctor. He comes up with a couple of clever schemes where he's a German doctor, manages to buy a whole bunch of weapons, and wanders the scenes freely disguised as a woman.

Polly and Kirsty have the most interesting yet silly adventure as they manage to blackmail Lt. Algernon Finch into doing what they want. But it turns out to be useful, despite being very silly at times. And Ben is true to himself, always fighting no matter what! Fighting against whatever he sees as bad and getting himself in and out of scrapes without too much trouble. The story rambles from countryside to town to ship and back again with ease. There isn't much that is forced in this story and I'm sure it would really fun to watch!

But this is one where the episodes are all lost so it's just not going to happen. I'm glad we at least have this story to listen to because we really get to see a different way that a companion joins the Doctor. Jamie isn't always looking to get back to his ship like Ben and trying to leave. He's a bit hesitant about it all but he joins the Doctor gladly, off to have some adventures! Definitely a bit different from the usual mistaken tag-along role we've seen up to now with the first Doctor. Though Susan was obviously with him by choice, it just seems like it was an all or nothing for her. But that's for another tale...

Patrick Troughton, Anneke Willis, Michael Craze, and Frazer Hines

writer: Elwyn Jones and Gerry Davis

director: Hugh David

read by: Frazer Hines