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On to the holidays and a whole lot of Big Finish fun. I’m anticipating the release of more main range stories, the Early Adventures (going strong), and the the christmas special. And still listening to the latest Liberator Chronicles and a whole mess of stories a friend sent me. So much to do, so much to do…

Latest Audio Releases Reviewed:

10th Doctor Adventures, vol. 2,The Time War, series 1,The First Doctor Adventures, Vol. 1,The Third Doctor: Vol 4,10th Doctor Chronicles

Time in Office(#230),The Behemoth(#231),The Middle(#232),Static(#233),Kingdom of Lies(#234),Ghost Walk(#235), Serpent in the Silver Mask (#236),The Helliax Rift(#237)

Early Adventures:The Night Witches(4.1)The Outliers(4.2),The Morton Legacy(4.3),The Wreck of the World(4.4)

Short Trips:Falling(7.5),How to Win Planets and Influence People(7.6),Flashpoint(7.7), The British Invasion (7.8), A Heart on Both Sides (7.9), All Hands on Deck (7.10) The Ingenious Gentleman Adric of Alzarius (7.11),The Night Before Christmas,O Tannenbaum(7.12),Landbound(7.x), Authentic Experience (8.1),Mel-evolent(8.2), Turn of the Screw(8.3), ,Erasure(8.4)

4th Doctor Adventures:Sons of Kaldor(7.1),The Crowmarsh Experiment(7.2),The Mind Runners(7.3),The Demon Rises(7.4)

Bernice Summerfield/7th Doctor:Nightshade,Return of the Daleks,Vol. 4: The Ruler of the Universe

Blake's 7:Scimitar (2.1), Fortuitas (2.2), Mindset (2.3), Ghost Ship (2.4), Devil’s Advocate (2.5), Truth and Lies (2.6), Liberator Chronicles X (Velandra,Retribution,Ministry of Peace)

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