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On to the holidays and a whole lot of Big Finish fun. I’m anticipating the release of more main range stories, the Early Adventures (going strong), and the the christmas special. And still listening to the latest Liberator Chronicles and a whole mess of stories a friend sent me. So much to do, so much to do…

Latest Audio Releases Reviewed:

The War Doctor Volume 2: Infernal Devices,The Second Doctor Volume 1, The 10th Doctor Adventures, Nightshade,The Genesis Chamber, Classic Doctors, New Monsters:Fallen Angels,Judoon in Chains,Harvest of the Sycorax,The Sontaran Ordeal

And You Will Obey Me(#211),Vampire of the Mind(#212),The Two Masters(#213),A Life of Crime(#214),Fiesta of the Damned(#215),Maker of Demons(#216)

Early Adventures:The Yes Men (2.1),The Forsaken(2.2),The Black Hole(2.3), The Isos Network (2.4),The Age of Endurance(3.1)

Short Trips:The Caves of Erith, Gardens of the Dead (6.01), Prime Winner (6.02),The Horror at Blechington Station.Washington Burns(6.03), Curse of the Fugue (6.04),This Sporting Life(6.05),Lost and Found(6.06), The Monkey House,The Blame Game(6.07),The Shrine of Sorrows

4th Doctor Adventures:Wave of Destruction (5.1),The Labyrinth of Buda Castle(5.2),The Paradox Planet(5.3),Legacy of Death(5.4),Gallery of Ghouls(5.5),The Trouble with Drax(5.6),The Pursuit of History(5.7),Casualties of Time(5.8)

Jago and Litefoot:The Case of the Missing Gasogene(10.1),The Year of the Bat(10.2),The Mourning After(10.3),The Museum of Curiosities(10.4),Jago and Son(11.1),Maurice(11.2),The Woman in White(11.3),Masterpiece(11.4)

Bernice Summerfield:The Highest Science(2),Love and War(1),

Blake's 7:Scimitar (2.1), Fortuitas (2.2), Mindset (2.3), Ghost Ship (2.4), Devil’s Advocate (2.5), Truth and Lies (2.6), Liberator Chronicles X (Velandra,Retribution,Ministry of Peace)

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