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On to the holidays and a whole lot of Big Finish fun. I’m anticipating the release of more main range stories, the Early Adventures (going strong), and the the christmas special. And still listening to the latest Liberator Chronicles and a whole mess of stories a friend sent me. So much to do, so much to do…

Latest Audio Releases Reviewed:

The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Vol. 3: The Unbound Universe,The Sontaran Ordeal;The Third Doctor: Vol 2, The War Doctor Vol. 3: Agents of Chaos,Doom Coalition #3,Doom Coalition #4,The Ninth Doctor Chronicles,P.H. Presents: The Helm of Awe

The Memory Bank and Other Stories(#217),Order of the Daleks(#218),Absolute Power(#219),Quicksilver(#220), The Star Men (#221),The Contingency Club(#222),Zaltys(#223),Alien Heart - Dalek Soul(#224),Vortex Ice - Cortex Fire(#225),Shadow Planet, World Apart(#226), The High Price of Parking (#227)

Early Adventures:The Age of Endurance(3.1),The Fifth Traveler(3.2),The Ravelli Conspiracy(3.3),The Sontarans(3.4)

Short Trips:The Man Who Wasn’t There(6.11),The Christmas Dimension, The Hesitation Deviation (6.12),Forever Fallen(6.x), The World Beyond the Trees (7.1),Gardeners’ World(7.2),The Jago & Litefoot Revival Act I(7.3),The Jago & Litefoot Revival Act II(7.4),Falling(7.5),How to Win Planets and Influence People(7.6),Flashpoint(7.7)

4th Doctor Adventures:The Beast of Kravenos(6.1),The Eternal Battle(6.2),The Silent Scream(6.3),Dethras(6.4),The Haunting of Malkin Place(6.5),Subterranea(6.6),The Movellan Grave(6.7)

Jago and Litefoot:Jago and Son(11.1),Maurice(11.2),The Woman in White(11.3),Masterpiece(11.4),Picture This(12.1),The Flickerman(12.2),School of Blood(12.3),Warm Blood(12.4),Series 13(The Stuff of Nightmares, Chapel of Night, How the Other Half Lives, Too Much Reality)

Bernice Summerfield/7th Doctor:Original Sin,Cold Fusion,Damaged Goods,Nightshade,Return of the Daleks

Blake's 7:Scimitar (2.1), Fortuitas (2.2), Mindset (2.3), Ghost Ship (2.4), Devil’s Advocate (2.5), Truth and Lies (2.6), Liberator Chronicles X (Velandra,Retribution,Ministry of Peace)

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