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On to the holidays (2018!) and a whole lot of Big Finish fun. I have a bunch of reviews that I am trying to publish but that’s causing me fits and starts… Apparently my updates haven’t published for awhile. So here we go! TEST

Latest Audio Releases Reviewed:

10th Doctor Adventures, vol. 2,The Time War, series 1,The First Doctor Adventures, Vol. 1,The Third Doctor: Vol 4,10th Doctor Chronicles,Jago and Litefoot Forever, The Second Doctor Vol II,The Time War 2

Time in Office(#230),The Behemoth(#231),The Middle(#232),Static(#233),Kingdom of Lies(#234),Ghost Walk(#235), Serpent in the Silver Mask (#236),The Helliax Rift(#237),The Lure of the Nomad(#238),Iron Bright(#239),Hour of the Cybermen(#240)

Early Adventures:The Night Witches(4.1)The Outliers(4.2),The Morton Legacy(4.3),The Wreck of the World(4.4)

Short Trips:Authentic Experience (8.1),Mel-evolent(8.2), Turn of the Screw(8.3), ,Erasure(8.4),Trap for Fools(8.5),Taken for Granted,The Seige of Big Ben(8.6)

4th Doctor Adventures:Sons of Kaldor(7.1),The Crowmarsh Experiment(7.2),The Mind Runners(7.3),The Demon Rises(7.4),The Shadow of London(7.5),The Bad Penny(7.6),Kill the Doctor(7.7),The Age of Sutekh(7.8)

Bernice Summerfield/7th Doctor:Nightshade,Return of the Daleks,Vol. 4: The Ruler of the Universe

Blake's 7:Scimitar (2.1), Fortuitas (2.2), Mindset (2.3), Ghost Ship (2.4), Devil’s Advocate (2.5), Truth and Lies (2.6), Liberator Chronicles X (Velandra,Retribution,Ministry of Peace)

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