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On to the holidays (2018!) and a whole lot of Big Finish fun. I have a bunch of reviews that I am trying to publish but that’s causing me fits and starts… So here they are, all bunched up for your appreciation.

Latest Audio Releases Reviewed:

The First Doctor Adventures, Vol. 1,The Third Doctor: Vol 4,10th Doctor Chronicles,Jago and Litefoot Forever, The Second Doctor Vol II,The Time War 2,Seventh Doctor Adventures, Vol. 1,Ravenous 1,Ravenous 2

Hour of the Cybermen(#240),Red Planets(#241),The Disposessed(#242),The Quantum Possibility Engine(#243),Warlock’s Cross(#244),Muse of Fire(#245),The Hunting Grounds(#246),Devil in the Mist(#247)

Early Adventures:The Dalek Occupation of Winter(5.1),An Ideal World(5.2),Entanglement(5.3),Crash of the UK-201(5.4)

Short Trips:Authentic Experience (8.1),Mel-evolent(8.2), Turn of the Screw(8.3), Erasure(8.4),Trap for Fools(8.5),Taken for Granted,The Seige of Big Ben(8.6), The Darkened Earth (8.7),Flight into Hull!(8.8),A Small Semblance of Home(8.9),The Smallest Battle,I am the Master(8.10),The Mistpuddle Murders(8.11),The Devil’s Footprints(8.12),Tuesday(extra),Last Day at Work(8.x)

4th Doctor Adventures:Sons of Kaldor(7.1),The Crowmarsh Experiment(7.2),The Mind Runners(7.3),The Demon Rises(7.4),The Shadow of London(7.5),The Bad Penny(7.6),Kill the Doctor(7.7),The Age of Sutekh(7.8)

Bernice Summerfield/7th Doctor:Nightshade,Return of the Daleks,Vol. 4: The Ruler of the Universe

Blake's 7:Scimitar (2.1), Fortuitas (2.2), Mindset (2.3), Ghost Ship (2.4), Devil’s Advocate (2.5), Truth and Lies (2.6), Liberator Chronicles X (Velandra,Retribution,Ministry of Peace)

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