War Against the Laan (#2.03)

Big Finish, Fourth Doctor Series

This is where all the action and fun stuff really happens in this 2-CD storyline! The payoff is lots of action, alien species running amok, and a CEO going power crazy. The first story is necessary for the setup but I didn’t really enjoy it. This story, however, is a Fourth Doctor story to the hilt with action – adventure being the central theme! The Doctor’s never really in danger of dying except once and the President of Earth is forced to take charge and make a decision that will affect the fates of everyone involved, alien and human. It’s a very hopeful story and I really enjoyed it. Details are filled in and adventure is had, even without K-9. All is good. Next stop – finding out who Cuthbert is and just where exactly he comes from…

Tom Baker and Mary Tamm

Writer/Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: March 2013

Laura Vilensky 2019