Destiny of the Doctor: Trouble in Paradise

Big Finish - Special Release

This stories are just getting better and better, though I do wonder why Peri isn’t spirited away as the companions are at the end of the first 5 stories… Perhaps Evelyn takes her place? Hmmm. Peri is a very unique and smart companion and it really shows in this story, which is a rarity for her. She not only studied the historical topic of Christopher Columbus in high school but she also discovered what kind of a person he was. And the news isn’t good for him – he wasn’t a very good guy or leader. While I knew he was barely marginal as a leader, I didn’t realize the depths he sank to with his cruelty. It was a much more brutal world in different way in the 15th Century.

The 11th Doctor contacts “old sixy” and asks him to purloin an omni-paradox for him. This had better be one whopping thing he’s working on to ask for such strange things from past selves! So the Sixth Doctor tracks one down and it happens to be on the Santa Maria, Columbus’s ship. So Peri and the Doctor are taken to be natives and hijinks ensue, with swords and goats and buffalo. It’s rather a fun romp and a very good story.

Read by: Nicola Bryant

Writer: Nev Fountain

Director: John Ainsworth

Release: June 2013

Laura Vilensky 2019