Davros (#48)

Big Finish Main Range

A good choice in bad guys but for me, the villainy of Davros gets swallowed up in the duplicity of his nature and the purpose of this audio. Get him back to life and give him options, see what he does with them. That’s the idea, I think. But then it just goes the way of a normal adventure—people dying, the Doctor saving them. Yet the ending is unsatisfying. Davros dead… or not. Kimberly Todd is a very brave character but most of the characters aren’t very fleshed out. Or else I just wasn’t impressed with them. Despite Lorraine Baynes being a “Davros apologist,” she ends up in the same predicament as everyone else. The Doctor tries to warn everyone from start to finish and everything turns out as he predicts. Typical audio drama with some very interesting moments.

The most interesting moments do revolve around Davros and his interactions with his memories and Shan. Why does he have no emotions? Why does he have her killed? Professional or personal jealousy? He doesn’t know himself! This audio is definitely an interesting step into the psyche of Davros but honestly, how much can you do with the crazed created of the Daleks? He is pretty 1 and a half dimensional, as characters go. Crazed scientific type with more to his history that we realize, until now. A good audio overall, just not fabulous enough all the way through to earn a 4. Almost, but not quite.

This audio is the first Big Finish, chronologically, for Colin Baker to play the Doctor. That’s what the Big Finish website says but where’s Peri? He mentions that he left her somewhere so obviously, the Doctor has adventures even when he’s just supposed to pop off and help someone, with or without his companions. Doesn’t the guy get ANY down time? Goodness.

Colin Baker

Writer: Lance Parkin

Director: Gary Russell

Release: September 2003

Laura Vilensky 2019