The Screaming Skull

Big Finish Anniversary Special Release

After their last excursion where Ruth and Charlie were in the thrall of the Master in the Vault, in Mastermind, so they’ve been incarcerated ever since in protective custody. Now they’re given a chance to get out on their own by going back to the Vault and find out what’s caused a problem there. It’s locked down and no one’s come out. And everyone who’s gone in hasn’t come out either. So just what is going on? We know, as this is part of a series about Dr. Rees, that it has to be him but they don’t know that in this story. So we listen as Ruth, Mike, and Charlie enter the Vault and confront the remains of Dr. Rees.

This story moves along at a good pace and the situation is definitely drastic in the Vault. They try to spy things out but become part of Rees’s plot as new victims. All of the old ones are dead so he needs fresh blood, as it were. And someone finally has the foresight to perhaps smash the music box to pieces! Sheesh. I wondered what it would take for someone to think of that. And they do but it’s not quite so simple as that, naturally. Otherwise Rees wouldn’t have survived so long as a skull and music box! Exciting stuff though there’s a lot of moaning and groaning going on as people try to resist Rees. Generally this is a good one! Can’t wait for the final showdown where they bring in the Doctor…

Daphne Ashbrook(Ruth Matheson),Richard Franklin(Mike Yates),Yee Jee Tso(Charlie Sato)

Writer: Jonathan Morris

Director:Ken Bentley and Lisa Bowerman

Release: September 2014

Laura Vilensky 2019