Masters of Earth (#193)

Big Finish Main Range

I found this to be rather exhilarating Dalek story, for once. I’m not a huge fan of the Daleks but this story wasn’t overwrought with Dalek schemes and plans as this is a year before the first Doctor comes along and frees Earth from the Daleks. Moira Brody is apparently a large part of Earth’s survival after it’s freed and she plays a large part in this story as well. Robomen galore, Daleks roaming the Scottish countryside, and the Doctor and Peri wandering amongst them.

Let’s see, the plot runs a little along these lines – the Doctor and Peri land in time to stop the stoning of a local, are then separated by Daleks and fate, Peri ends up in a mining camp, the Doctor makes his way there, and they all escape. Then there’s a lot of running and hiding and Peri in peril. Ultimately, they end up in Dalek hands, as it were, and having to stop robomen from becoming what the Daleks are. Though how the robomen aren’t all killed at the end I’m a bit confused about…

Overall, a fantastic story though I did think the Daleks weren’t nearly so paranoid as usual, though that is absolutely explained in the final episode. Mayhem galore with egos running rampant – it’s quite humorous at times. Naturally. A very, very good 6th Doctor – Dalek story!

Colin Baker(The Doctor),Nicola Bryant(Peri),Tracy Wiles(Moira Brody),Brian McCardie(Alan Weir),Sean Biggerstaff(Ross Nicolson),Hugh Ross(Kyle Inskip),Damian Lynch(Curbishly),Nicholas Briggs(The Daleks/Roboman

Writers: Mark Wright and Cavan Scott

Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: November 2014

Laura Vilensky 2019