Landbound (7.x)

Big Finish - Short Trips Season 7

This story is written by the annual Paul Spragg writing contest winner for 2017. It’s amazing that they can get these things turned around so fast! I suppose with just a narrator, it makes it easier. But Big Finish is amazing that way sometimes…

So the 3rd Doctor rescues a captain from some thieves in an alley, which starts him into a discussion of losing a ship. They’ve both lost a ship to aliens, though the captain lost his to a metal eating alien and the Doctor to the Time Lords. But they commiserate and the Doctor tries to assure the captain that he wasn’t imaging what he saw. They part ways and when the Doctor gets the TARDIS back, he visits the captain again, to show him what he didn’t know about the past being real, with the creature eating his ship. The ending goes well though not for the moments reliving the destruction of his ship…

This story is very well written and touching as well. I’m happy to say that for once, the 3rd Doctor seems to have a connection with a human that he doesn’t just pass off as inconvenient. Sometimes he just does that! The writing and the voices by Briggs are just very well done. So far the winners of the yearly contest have had fantastic stories to tell!

Narrator: Nicholas Briggs

Writer: Selim Ulug

Director: Neil Gardner

Release: December 2017

Laura Vilensky 2019