Big Finish, Special Release, Christmas 2011

The second of the two Christmas specials involves Sarah Jane Smith and the 4th Doctor on a colony world where the Cicati live. The Doctor and Sarah experience an attack and see the methane atmosphere kill lots of the Cicati outside of a hippodrome. It seems the Doctor is helping then he leaves due to another TARDIS arriving in the same place. The mystery deepens as it does arrive with an unexpected visitor.

This story feels like the middle tale of something I should know about, or the preface to something bigger. Perhaps there’s a Companion Chronicle to accompany it or a Lost Adventure? Sarah Jane doesn’t actually have a lot to do during this story except to ask the questions for the listener but with Beth Chalmers reading, it still feels like it’s from her perspective so she’s the focus of the tale. Though this story seems to be an interlude or intermission for something else, I like it!

Read by Beth Chalmers

Release: December 2011

Laura Vilensky 2019