City of Spires (#133)

Big Finish Main Range

This audio was excellent but some of the timeline issues are just thrown out there and never resolved, which made things a bit confusing. Is this an alternate timeline? An alternate Jamie? I’m sure this is the start of another serial or three-parter, which they basically indicated in the extras. An interesting new thing they’re doing is including the incidental/theme music on “disc 1” and the interviews on “disc 2.” Not a big fan of the music thing but that’s okay. I could get into it later, right?

Hurray for Black Donald and Rob Roy! A lot of things are introduced and not resolved in this story so the Doctor will be off hunting “her” and what the black oil is. Hopefully it’s not related to the X-Files black oil. And I really, really hope that Jamie sticks around more than for this series of stories. Jamie is one of the best companions ever! Along with Turlough, Evelyn, and Nyssa. Can’t say I was a fan of any of the other companions, to be honest. They were good and Ace and Charley are fun, interesting companions but not my favorites. I could listen to stories with those four companions every week!

So onward with the series and keep on coming with the Jamie stories! Great stuff.

Colin Baker and Frazer Hines

Writer: Simon Bovey

Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: April 20102

Laura Vilensky 2019