The Viyran Solution (1.4)

Big Finish, Charley Pollard Adventures

Wow. Talk about two major misguided attempts to accomplish a goal… The story opens with Charley about to open the outside door of an airlock on the Viyran ship to send herself out into space instead of into the clutches of the Viyrans yet again. But then the details are revealed in the storyline – the Viyrans really are chillingly powerful. They take Robert Buchan Sr. and use him to their own ends, ultimately. And he self-destructs spectacularly, that’s for sure, though not by his own choosing. And the stakes are very, very high indeed for Charley – if she’s recaptured by the Viyrans the ultimate end to their twisted plan will happen and there will be nothing to stop them. So though she doesn’t have the Lamentation Cipher, apparently, she definitely contains the path to ultimate destruction and insanity for the Viyrans in her head. So she can’t let them get to her again!

I can’t really reveal much except in generalities on this one. Another complicated plot that pulls together a lot of different plot threads going through the series. And we really do get to see the difference between wearing your thoughts/heart on your sleeve (Charley) and keeping your true intent secret (Robert Buchan Jr). It doesn’t rely on coincidences as much as Dr. Who script does at times but this does bring about a satisfactory result. And the future is wide open for Charley Pollard (and companion). ;)

And you should definitely listen to the extras. There is some fun stuff in there, including interviews with the writers. And Terrance Hardiman is rather funny, too, in a being honest sort of way.

India Fisher, Michael Maloney (Viyrans), James Joyce (Robert Buchan), Nicolas Briggs (Bert Buchan/The Slaverings), David Dobson (Michael Dee), Louise Brealey (Millicent Belanger III), Nadia Kamil (Miss Griffin)

Writer: Matt Fitton

Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: May 2014

Laura Vilensky 2019