Trail of the White Worm (#1.05)

Big Finish, Fourth Doctor Series

Welcome back, Geoffrey Beevers! The Master has a new plan and we don’t actually see him for the first 20 minutes. And he is not quite on top of his plans and is definitely not expecting the Doctor to show up to get involved. This is part I and there are a couple of pretty good cliffhangers and lots of running around. But the worm is a bit disappointing as a creature. She’s been on Earth for 2000 years but hasn’t figured out how to protect herself from the transformation. It’s a good story but the Colonel is a bit annoying and the townspeople involved (Tom and Julie) are very generic. But this is all leading up to the chaos that is The Oseidon Adventure!

Tom Baker and Louise Jameson

Writer: Alan Barnes

Director: Ken Bentley

Release: May 2012

Laura Vilensky 2019