The Wrong Doctors (#169)

Big Finish Main Range

So wait. This is a pocket universe story and there is a confusing moment at the end for me. It’s also very entertaining to listen to the 6th Doctor talk to himself and run around during this adventure with himself. How is Mel both alive and dead? The real one versus the mini-one? No spoilers but not spoiled. It’s very confusing as the Doctor hasn’t met Mel as an older self and yet his younger, brasher self is traveling with her to send her back to her correct time. So confusion abounds from the first moment of the story. And how appropriate, the ending is!

I really, really enjoyed the character “development” of Melanie Jane Bush in this story. The confusion actually put me off at first but the story sorted itself eventually, with the NIX, Petherbridge, running the show. He plans for the Doctor but he is more of a wrench in the works. It’s pretty amazing how it all works out in the end. Time paradox in and pocket universe all focused on Mel and the TARDIS (times two). The confusion doesn’t get it a 5 rating but the interaction of the Doctors and Mel’s development makes it a really fabulous story in the end!

Writers: Matt Fitton

Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: January 2013

Laura Vilensky 2019