Ratings Explained


K-9- for alternate Dr. Who related audios (Jago and Litefoot, for example) and uses the same scale as below.

Liberator- for Blake's 7 audio releases, using the same scale as below.

Yes, that's right, Jelloids. From The One Doctor, one of my favorites of the main range Dr. Who audios. I'll eventually get this organized so I can display my favorites from top to bottom and list the writers cross-referenced with the various audios they've written. Very few have written just one, as it so happens... Enjoy the ride until then!

= Excellent, best of the best!

= Very Good and worthy of listening to many times

= Good but not something I love

= Well, that was a wash but not a total waste of time

= Who wrote this and why haven't they been put out of our misery?

Laura Vilensky 2019